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Friday, December 20, 2002

Friday/ Gametime: Levers (balance the objects) and the paper plane game Have a nice weekend!

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Just a bit of Christmas Love (with a pop-up, please forgive, turn up the speakers!) You can change the name in the URL to send it to your closest companions. Aaaah can you feel the love?

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Thursday, December 19, 2002

Save the shoppers from brainless consumerism (lemmings-type game in pixel style)

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Ooh girls cheecky boys ooh boys cheecky girls Touch my bum (realplayer video). It’s just another ketjap ladies waiting to happen…be the first to learn the dance and act like a cheecky girl.

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Well look here! (windows media player) Is your week dragging on? Whistle while you work (realplayer) and make it all better.
More whistling fun on this site devoted to early 1900 whistling music . Come on! Be like whistling tom! (if you need a holiday gift tip: you can pay Tom to call up a friend so he can whistle him or her a happy or loving tune .

Also check out Ben ‘gone with the wind’ Brenner : he ‘gets off’ by being a ‘hand virtuoso’ He demonstrates on the tonight show (1979). (realplayer video). Hilarity ensues.

Still not happy ? Download some classic Bozo the clown records.

Hours more of audio candy at Basic Hip

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princess winter kitty

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Monday, December 16, 2002

Vibrating ducks (some people collect ducks, you know) and dress-up doggies .

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